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Lasting Beauty Program

Refined Hardwood cares about your hardwood flooring.  We know that our job
does not end with the completion of installing and sanding.  The durability and
preservation of your flooring is important to us as well.  Due to this, Refined
Hardwood Flooring is pleased to offer the "Lasting Beauty Program."  As a
member of this program, you are entitled to two flooring inspections per calender
year, and you may take advantage of special member only discounts on surface
finish  re-coats.   Lack of flooring inspections and proper surface finish
maintenance are the two main causes of costly hardwood flooring issues.  Refined
Hardwood Flooring is here to help prevent the often referred to, "snow ball."  
Simply click the link below to fill out our on-line enrollment form, and you will
receive a welcome package in the mail in just a few days.  Refined Hardwood
appreciates your business and lasting care for your hardwood flooring.  
Lasting Beauty Enrollment

  • Sanding and Refinishing with a natural finish including (3)
    coats of polyurethane (Dust Containment Sanding)
75 per sqft

  • Sanding and refinishing with a stained finish including (3)
    coats of polyurethane (Dust Containment Sanding)
75 per sqft

  • Re-coat existing hardwood flooring (Dust Containment)
50 per sqft

  • Installation of unfinished nail down flooring
2.25 per sqft

  • Installation of pre-finished nail down flooring

75 per sqft

  • Installation of pre-finished/Unfinished glue down flooring
                      (not including cost of adhesive)

                    $4.00 per sqft

  • Installation of laminate or floating floor

2.25 per sqft

  • Flooring inspection including moisture testing and surface
    finish inspection
Services and Price List
*** Installation prices do not reflect the cost of material to be installed.  However, RHF
does offer a wide variety of wood species and delivery services***
Prices may change
without notice.
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