Lasting Beauty Program


  • Non-member re-coat rate:                                                                        $1.00 sqft

  • Member re-coat rate:                                                                                  $.50 sqft


     500 sqft room re-coat (non-member)                                           $500.00

     500 sqft room re-coat (member)                                                   

     Savings:                                                                                              $250.00

     (2) Flooring Inspections (non-members)                                     $70.00

     (2) Flooring inspections (member)                                                

     (1) Hardwood Floor cleaning (non-member)                                $200.00

     (1) Hardwood Floor Cleaning (member)                                        

           POTENTIAL SAVINGS:                                                                 $520.00
***Annual membership dues are only $100.00 per calender year.  Please fill out our easy to use on-line
enrollment form, or call our offices during normal business hours for assistance.  We look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Invoice Me Please
My check for my annual membership dues is
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For questions on basic wood floor care and maintenance and how to
handle small problems with your floor, please visit the link below:
Basic Care and Maintenance For Your Wood Floor
  • Early moisture detection that can cause:



             Board Rot

  • Early detection of infestation


             Wood boring insects

  • You will be entitled to two flooring inspections during your membership period (12 calender months).  
    During these inspections, our flooring specialists will be looking  for evidence of any beginning
    problems that may affect your hardwood floor.  Both inspections during the year are covered by your
    annual membership dues.

  • As a member of the "Lasting Beauty Program," you will also be able to take advantage of a 50%
    discount on one surface finish re-coat per year (if necessary).  During our two inspections throughout
    the year, we will also be inspecting the surface finish of your floor.  If it is determined that a re-coat is
    necessary, our flooring specialist will inform the homeowner, and the re-coat may be scheduled at any
    time prior to the ending date of your membership.  The re-coat discount may not be carried over to the
    following year, and the discounted rate is covered under your membership dues.

  • Members are also entitled to (1) free hardwood floor cleaning during their membership.
Enrollment Form
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